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  • Ennature Biopharma is the natural ingredients division of India Glycols, set up in 2009 to leverage the India Glycols expertise in advanced green technologies and to develop high quality, plant-based ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries

  • India Glycols is a USD 750 million listed, global leader in specialty, bio-based, chemicals since 1984

  • India Glycols has been a pioneer of green technologies and holds the distinction of being the first and only company in the world to commercialize the production of ethylene oxide and glycols from renewable agricultural feedstocks

Leading Manufacturer

Who We Are

  • At Ennature Biopharma, we develop, and manufacture value-added, plant-based ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food and beverage industries

  • We source our raw materials mainly from India, with strong partnerships, and farmer connect to ensure the sustainability and quality at the source

  • We use 100% green SCF- CO₂ technology to manufacture our nutraceutical actives and have an exceptionally strong manufacturing and green technology base

  • We hold a leadership position in the manufacture of high value plant-based phytochemicals (API’s)

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients

What We Do

Our Strengths

​Diverse Manufacturing Facilities

Diverse Manufacturing Facilities

​International Accreditations

International Accreditations

strong quality


Quality Focus

pioneering green technologies



global presence



incredible natural solutions

We deliver incredible natural solutions for healthy living

innovation and care
Our Values





We are pioneers of green technology and strongly integrate sustainability initiatives into each aspect of our operations. 

  • Use of Green CO₂ and Ethanol for Manufacturing: We use in-house suagrcane based ‘green’ CO₂ and ethanol as clean extraction solvents for manufacturing high value nutraceutical ingredients and recycle all our solvents to make sure our products and processes are entirely sustainable

  • Zero Solid and Liquid Discharge System: We recycle and reuse all our water and treat 100% of our effluent water discharged from all our manufacturing activities 

  • Energy from Waste Biomass: We convert all our plant residue post extraction into biomass briquettes and use it as fuel for our boiler. We proudly generate over 70% of our fuel requirement through such initiatives 

sustainable approach

Our Sustainability Initiatives

company achievements


From a Small Beginning to Transformation, Diversification and Growth!

Getting Started 


  • Manufacturing facility commissioned at Pharmacity, Dehradun with a state-of-the-art SCF CO₂ plant, solvent refining and aqueous extraction facility  

  • Strategic tie-up for manufacturing of high value Astaxanthin by SCF –CO₂ extraction 

  • Manufacturing initiated for high-value Thiocolchicoside API and other API ingredients  

  • Formulation plant started for converting nutraceutical extracts to oleoresins, powders and beadlets 

Developing Depth, Expertise and Leadership 


  • Established leadership in Thiocolchicoside API and achieved highest export volumes for Thiocolchicoside globally 

  • Granted US patent for “Single phase Lutein Ester extraction from tagetes species: Marigold flower meal”  

  • Commissioned new plant for production of Nicotine API as a key portfolio expansion 

Adding new Dimensions 


  • Expansion of Nicotine facility to meet the growing demand for Nicotine API   

  • Launch of first branded nutraceutical ingredient – MAXICUMA® and LIMAN™ technology platform for converting lipophilic extracts into water-soluble powders  

  • Launch of SCEMOD™ technology and other branded nutraceutical ingredients range  

  • Successful passing of the EU-GMP sitewide audit by the edqm audit and CEP certification for Thiocolchicoside and Colchicine API’s

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