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Technology Platforms

SCEMOD™ is our proprietary platform technology that can transform lipophilic nutrients into True Oil Soultions by enhancing their solubility. This leads to superior bio-absorption and effectiveness of the nutrients in the body.  

One of the main challenges in delivering lipophilic (fat-soluble) nutrients effectively is their limited solubility in water-based systems, and this severely impacts their bioavailability and efficacy.  

True Oil Solutions seamlessly form nano-emulsions of finely dispersed oil-in-water mixtures which are highly stable and able to sidestep first-pass metabolism by taking the lymphatic route for absorption. The nano emulsion acts the as carrier for the lipophilic active ingredients, thereby leading to targeted delivery in a shorter duration of time.  

Through this breakthrough technology, we can deliver high payload formulations without the need for adding surfactants in significant quantities.


SCEMOD™ technology is especially tailored for soft gel applications. 

SCEMOD- True oil solution, softgel

SCEMOD™ Technology

LIMAN™ is a groundbreaking technology designed to overcome the challenges with delivering hydrophobic active ingredient molecules.  

Using LIMAN™, hydrophobic actives are transformed into water-soluble matrices that seamlessly integrate with both aqueous and subaqueous environments. The active ingredient's ultrafine particles disperse effortlessly with each particle autonomously dispersing within aqueous media until a harmoniously uniform solution is achieved. 

This pioneering approach guarantees increased bioavailability and optimized formulation efficiency, ensuring the maximum benefit of the active ingredient.


LIMAN™ technology is tailor-made for a range of applications, including gummies/lozenges, ready-to-drink health beverages, tablets, and capsules, making it an ideal choice for versatile delivery formats. 

KIMA- water soluble extract, beverages

LIMAN™ Technology

At Ennature Biopharma, we have taken forward our 35+ years of rich experience with manufacturing and pioneering green technologies to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for pharmaceutical (API’s) and nutraceutical ingredients in Dehradun, India. 


Our one-of-a-kind facility is equipped with India’s largest high-pressure super critical fluid extraction plant (SCFE), integrated solvent, post-refining and bio-fermentation plants, pilot and scale-up plants and a full-scale formulation facility.  


This range of diverse, advanced technologies in a single location allows us flexibility to apply a wide range of extraction techniques and innovate to develop unique technology platforms and differentiated products. 

India’s largest high-pressure super critical fluid extraction plant (SCFE)


Manufacturing Capabilities

Our end-to-end quality standards are in line with European pharmaceutical quality standards and all our operations are carried out in strict adherence to WHO cGMP and the 21 CFR Part 11 quality system for data integrity and security.  


We have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for quality control (raw material, in-process and finished product testing and stability) as well as dedicated quality assurance, regulatory affairs and quality training teams which together comprise over one-sixth of our total company strength.  


We apply the same stringent quality standards to our food and beverage ingredients and nutraceutical products as we do to our regulated pharmaceutical actives (API’s)

WHO cGMP and the 21 CFR Part 11 quality system


Quality Commitment

Certified. Diversified. Qualified.

ISO certified

ISO 9001:2015

ISO certified

ISO 22000:2018

WHO-GMP certified


Halal certified


Kosher ceritified


We integrate a spirit of innovation across every aspect of our business, whether it be our raw materials and ingredients, to our technology platforms. We look differently at plant bio actives and apply a range of innovative technology platforms to develop science-backed, differentiated, ingredients that deliver a superior health advantage to our customers. 


Our Research and Development department is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, and we hold strategic tie-ups with premier Indian institutions such as Herbal Research Development Institute (HRDI) and Center for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (CIMAP) among others.  


We hold international patents for “Single Stage Lutein ester extraction from Targets species - Marigold flower meal using advanced multiple separators of very high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide extraction system.” for Lutein by SCFE CO₂ and have applied for several other patents. 

research and innovation oriented

Research and Innovation Focus

Plants with exceptionally rich medicinal bio-actives are at the core of our business. Our strategic proximity to a range of diverse and rich bio actives in India, and our long-standing supply partnerships, networks and farmer connect have enabled us to create an unparalleled advantage for our customers. We are able to manage supplies and stock materials to maintain consistency of supplies throughout the year and service our customers without disruption. 


We partner with our suppliers to ensure good and sustainable agricultural practices and ensure full traceability across our supply chain

completely backward intergrated value chain

Strategic Sourcing Advantage  

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