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Sustained release ginger manufacturer

What is 


Long Acting Ginger Granules

Pure ginger Extracts improved for release profile, tolerability and taste for versatile applications

The solution with Gingeren 

Sustained Release Granules​

Ensures a longer half-life and steadily maintains the drug level in the body for up to 10hrs

High Payload

A dosage of up to 25mg can be well tolerated without pain and irritation in the stomach 

Improved efficiency in multiple indicators

Formulated with a high payload and prolonged action time, Gingeren is effective in aiding weight loss through thermogenesis as well as relieving symptoms of joint pain

The challenges with conventional Ginger

Rapid Metabolism

Upon Ingestion, gingerols are rapidly metabolism & eliminated from the body

Shorter Plasma half life​

Gingerols remain in the bloodstream for a very short period which reduces their potential therapeutic impact in the body

High pungency

A high dose of gingerols/shogaols is not tolerated well so dosing is usually restricted (approx. 2-4gm ginger powder/day)

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