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LIMAN™ Technology

LIMAN™ involves two-fold methodology, starting with a meticulous liposomal encapsulation phase of the ingredient, followed by a subsequent reduction of particle size to submicron levels, thereby augmenting the hydrophilicity of the bioactive substance.

The technology offers enhanced solubility/ dispersibility, preventing the degradation of bio actives from GI enzymes and PH conditions, prolonged storage stability (higher shelf life), improved organoleptic properties, formulation friendly for versatile application formats.

Maxicuma- Free curcumin extract manufacturer

What is Maxicuma®

Maximum Free Curcumin

A clinically validated ingredient, standardized to contain 40% curcuminoids, formulated with LIMAN ™- a proprietary technology process, to exhibit superior bioavailability.

Why Free Curcumin?

Free curcumin refers to curcumin that is present in its unmodified, natural form, without being metabolized by the body.


When curcumin is ingested, it undergoes metabolic processes in the body, leading to the formation of various metabolites such as glucuronides, sulfites, and tetrahydro curcumin, which being water soluble are easily eliminated from the body with no significant biological activity.


Free curcumin remains unmetabolized leading to significantly superior absorption and therapeutic action.

Delivers 172 Folds More Free Curcumin in

human blood plasma

Published in the Journal of Current Research of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine 7: 191.

When compared to curcumin 95% (micronized and unmicronized) in an open Label, non-randomized, study with healthy human adults under fasting ​condition;

Maxicuma® exhibited:

2.4 times higher Cmax (time to peak plasma concentration)

1.6 times faster Tmax (maximum peak plasma concentration)

3 times higher total AUCt (total area under t-curve)

Clinically Validated

Ultra Low Dose with Superior Efficacy (Joint Health)

In a recently concluded robust human trial (N=180) in subjects with mild to moderate OA, for improved joint health were accessed at periodic intervals, on Day 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 respectively, for joint pain, joint functions and physical activity using validated scales like Western Ontario McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) and Visual Analog Scale (VAS), along with the objective assessment of physical performance by treadmill walk test.

Maxicuma® reported statistical significance in improving joint functions from day 30 onwards at a dose 100-250mg.

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