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Maxicuma- Free curcumin extract manufacturer

What is Maxicuma®

More Free Curcumin

A specialized and clinically validated curcumin formulation that delivers More Free Curcumin in blood plasma.

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Why Free Curcumin?

Free curcumin refers to curcumin that is present in its unmodified, natural form, without being metabolized by the body.


When curcumin is ingested, it undergoes metabolic processes in the body, leading to the formation of various metabolites such as glucuronides, sulfates, and tetrahydro curcumin, which being water soluble are easily eliminated from the body with no significant biological activity.


Free curcumin remains unmetabolized leading to significantly superior absorption and therapeutic action.

free curcumin for joint health

Clinically Validated

Delivers 172 Folds More Free Curcumin in blood plasma

LIMAN™ Technology

Revolutionary LIMAN™ technology protects curcumin not only from G.I. degradation but also from enzymatic degradation, thereby enhancing its bio-availability in the body.

LIMAN™ technology also enhances the water solubility and bioavailability of curcumin, a hydrophobic (water-repelling) compound converting it into a water-soluble matrix which allows it to interact more effectively with aqueous (water-based) and sub-aqueous media.

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