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lutein extract manufacturer

What is Xanthogreen

Specialty Marigold Extracts

Clean, Solvent-Free Lutein Esters from Marigold Flowers extracted

using SCFE- CO₂ Technology.

Why Xanthogreen

  • Lutein esters are a pure, naturally found form of Lutein with good stability and bioavailability 

  • Manufactured using patented SCFE-CO₂ extraction process 

  • 100% green process, with sugarcane-based liquid CO₂ used as a clean solvent for extraction 

  • Vertically integrated supply chain ensures complete raw material traceability 

  • Final product can be used in versatile application formats 

Lutein Esters Multifunctional Oil Suspension

Ideal for Soft gel Application

Formulated with SCEMOD™ technology, a platform technology for converting lipophilic nutrients into a form that is truly soluble in oil

Xanthogreen Ultra

lutein for beverages

SCEMOD™ Technology

SCEMOD™ uses a supercritical fluid-enabled green approach to convert lipophilic (fat-soluble) natural extracts into true oil solution (TOS).

Once administered, due to its self-emulsifying properties, these solution shows high absorption and bioavailability due to its improvised nature.

Benefits of Xanthogreen™ Ultra


solubility and 



first pass metabolism


payload formulations

Xanthogreen™ Offerings





Xanthogreen 5%

Lutein Esters 5%

Powder, Oil, and Beadlets

Health Supplements

Xanthogreen 10%

Lutein Esters 10%

Powder, Oil, and Beadlets

Health Supplements

Xanthogreen 20%

Lutein Esters 20

Powder, Oil, and Beadlets

Health Supplements

Xanthogreen CWS

Lutein Esters 10%

Water dispersable powder

Food Beverage & Health Supplements

Lutein 5-20%

Free Lutein-Hexane Free

Powder, Oil, and Beadlets

Health Supplements

Specialty Extracts





Xanthogreen TOS

Lutein Esters True oil solution 10%

SCEMOD Technology

Soft gels

Xanthogreen Ultra

Lutein Esters Multifunctional oil solution 15%

SCEMOD™ Technology

Soft gels and technology

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