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Our Products

​Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturer

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our pharmaceutical actives are produced with stringent quality standards in-line with global regulatory requirements

​Branded Nutraceutical Ingredients manufacturer

Branded Nutraceutical Ingredients

A step-up approach with innovative phytochemical solutions backed by science

Standardized Botanical Extracts manufacturer

Standardized Botanical Extracts

We bring you nature’s best ingredients extracted with the highest standards of quality and purity

​Nicotine and Derivatives manufacturer

Nicotine and Derivatives

Our ultra-pure nicotine is intended for use in e-liquids, pharmaceuticals, and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) applications

Leveraging Science

to Brighten the future

At Ennature Biopharma, we harness the incredible power of nature to develop innovative plant-based ingredients that actively promote health and well-being.  


We are a part of India Glycols, a USD 750mn leading, listed, bio-based specialty chemical company that is recognized as a global pioneer in green technology.


Nature, Technology and Innovation are the foundation of our business. We use our advanced technology platforms to develop high quality, science-backed ingredients for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

Nature, Technology and Innovation

Nature. Technology. Innovation.

Our Strengths

​Diverse Manufacturing Facility

We integrate a wide range of advanced technologies allowing us to use the most suitable platform for our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical actives.

Diverse Manufacturing Facility

Largest high-pressure SCF CO₂ extraction system

Our in-house ‘green’ CO₂ allows us to extract bio-actives with a state-of-the-art high-pressure SCF CO₂ extraction system to produce clean, solvent-free extracts.

Pioneering Green Technologies 

quality compliant

We are WHO-GMP, ISO+HACCP, Halal and Kosher accredited. Our quality system is 21 CFR part 11 compliant to ensure the highest levels of data security and integrity.

Commitment to Quality 

Research and development focus

With international patents and proprietary technology platforms, we invest heavily in science to develop innovative and effective product solutions.

Research and Innovation Focus 

green process

We use 'green' CO₂ and ethanol as clean extraction solvents for manufacturing high value nutraceutical ingredients.

Green Processes

​Global Customer Base

We continue to expand our presence with satisfied partners and customers in 30+ countries.

Global Customer Base

Our ENNSOL™ range offers water-soluble ingredients developed with proprietary LIMAN™ technology, optimized to deliver enhanced nutrients in the right way.


Ideal for health supplements, beverage, and functional food applications. 

water-soluble ingredients

A  Delightful Way to Health!



SCEMOD™ - Revolutionary technology for nutrient delivery that amplifies the effectiveness of lipophilic nutrients by converting them into True Oil Solutions.

LIMAN™ - Groundbreaking technology that transforms hydrophobic actives into water-soluble matrices for increased bioavailability and optimized formulation efficiency.

Our Latest

Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms


We strongly believe in being ‘green’ and integrate our pioneering green technologies into every aspect of our processes.


We are unique in producing our own sugarcane based ‘green’ CO₂ and solvents and use them with our advanced technology platforms for extracting plant actives.

After extraction, we recycle our raw materials for energy generation and actively work on water conservation and building sustainable supply chains as a part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

sustainable approach

Saving our Planet.

One innovation at a time.

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Certified. Diversified. Qualified.

​ISO certified

ISO 9001:2015

ISO certified

ISO 22000:2018

WHO-GMP certified


Halal certified


Kosher certified


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