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Specialized curcumin ingredient manufacturer

What is Turminova

Next Generation Curcumin

A specialized range of value-added curcumin ingredients improved for techno & bioefficiency.

TurminovaNS- Non Staining

Today, manufacturing formulations with conventional curcumin ingredients is a challenging task as curcumin leaves behind extensive color stains which creates a burden of equipment cleaning after every process. This leads to increased lead times for production and delayed deliveries. 


Benefits with Non-Staining Curcumin 

  • Faster cleaning times 

  • Hassle-free production pipelines 

  • Increased efficiency 

Non staining curcumin


BDMC is a potent but less known curcuminoid with an abundance of superior health benefits.


Triple Benefits with BDMC

A More Stable Curcuminoid 

BDMC is chemically stable in both acidic and alkaline pH conditions and is also reported to be stable in response to oxidative, alkaline, and acidic degradation in the body. 

Significantly more Potent Antioxidant 

BDMC is three times more potent as an antioxidant compared to curcumin in terms of its ORAC value. 

Longer Half-Life with Enhanced Bioavailability 

BDMC stays in the bloodstream longer and is eliminated from blood plasma at a slower rate as compared with regular curcumin, thereby enhancing its potential bioavailability. 

Turminova™ B- BDMC enriched

BDMC enriched curcumin

Our Offerings





Turminova B

BDMC Enriched Curcumin 95%


Tablets & capsules

Turminova B+

BDMC Curcumin 90%


Tablets & capsules

Turminova NS

Non-Staining Curcumin


Tablets & capsules

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